When did you start wedding photography?

After many years of doing photography as a hobby and part time business, I started capturing weddings in 2016. I have since captured 160+ celebrations to date. I have travelled all across Vancouver Island, around British Columbia, the Gulf Islands, Banff as well as out of country destinations like Tennessee and Cabo San Lucas, MX to document love!!

How many photos and GIFs do we receive?

You will receive around 50 edited images per hour of coverage but it usually ends up being a bit more! It all depends on travel between venues/locations, how much time we have for each portion of the day, weather, scheduling etc! For GIFs, it usually ends up being ~1 per hour but it depends on the nature of the photographing conditions. I will always deliver to you everything that turns out!

"What do you photograph with? What's in your kit?

I use two mirrorless Sony A7r's (III and IV) camera bodies along with multiple lenses. I use a body harness that allows me to consistently use both of my camera bodies at the same time for a variety of lenses all available at the same time. For film, I use my Contax T2 or Canon AE-1. Along with my cameras, I also have multiple external flashes used for after dark and/or low light venues if needed (also.. flash photos are just a total vibe so I got you there)! I also have a DJI Pro Mini 3 drone I'm happy to bring along and use if the conditions of the day allow for it. For styling, I have multiple different props, ribbons and pieces to add to flatlays. I always work with my couples chosen colour palettes as best as I can to ensure your flatlay and detail photos pop!

We're super camera shy.. can you help?

Don't you worry, I got you!! 99% of my couples say exactly that in the beginning. I specialize in natural, authentic posing. Using intentional prompts to evoke real emotion from the both of you, it won't really feel like you're taking photos - it's more of a fun date! All you have to do is show up as yourselves ready to laugh, get cozy with one another and trust the process. I'm your super enthusiastic third wheel and I'm here for you!

When should we plan our engagement session?

This is totally up to you!! Depending on what vibe/location you're wanting, I can provide specific recommendations. If you're wanting to use the images for display at your wedding and/or save the dates & invitations I recommend booking your engagement session at least 6 months before your wedding day.

"What if it rains on my wedding day?"

If it rains on your wedding day, I’m not scared at all! The only thing that might put me in a difficult situation as a photographer on a rainy wedding day is if the couple is completely unwilling to take photos outside or if they lose heart over the weather. Don’t worry, I’m not saying you have to be willing to get soaked! But, if you come prepared with some pretty umbrellas(clear ones are great)!, or you’re willing to put up with a light rain on your hair, or you’re willing to duck under some trees and all the while you stay positive--then there is nothing to worry about!! I say this truthfully: rainy wedding days are some of my favourites. Rain is so incredibly romantic and sweet if you stay positive and flexible! And hey...if you ARE ready to get fully soaked? I am SO down. Rain photos are so stunning, I’ll prove it to you! Let's get those Notebook vibes!!!!

"Have you shot at my venue before, and how do you know it will work for you?"

For every wedding venue I haven't yet seen, I show up early to scout the best shooting locations on-site. That said, I truly have worked with so many different types of venues. I know fairly quickly where the best shooting locations are after a quick scout!

"What if my venue has little to no natural light?"

I will be there prepped with my external flash just in case. Both of my cameras are built for low light so I'm ready for any lighting scenario that comes my way! If I haven't been to your venue before, I'll be there early to scope things out and ensure I'm ready and prepared for all the lighting your venue has. :)

Where are you located and are you available to travel?

I live within Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island and I'm available to travel anywhere your love takes us. If you’re from out of town and want to travel to the island for your wedding day, I have a complete list of locations/venues and vendors to help bring your vision to life! 

Do you help with planning?

Absolutely I do! Along with all of my wedding packages comes a complete Wedding Guide with all of my knowledge I've gained from 8 years experience in the industry having photographed 180+ weddings to date. Besides the guide, you can also count on me for scouting perfect locations that fit your vision, always helping pose and guide you through your photos, helping with your wedding day timeline, and everything in between.

Do you deliver any raw or unedited images?

I do not deliver any raw or unedited images. The way I colour and edit my images are a huge piece of how I create the photos you see! Every image that you receive will be edited with immense care and always consistent to my style you see throughout my portfolio.